Building Engine for Unity3D

Building Engine is a fast and easy solution to design 3D buildings for your games and applications.

Create your building through a robust data system, using editor or coding. The Building Engine then creates the 3D meshes and apply material automatically. No 3D knowledges are required.

You can choose the architectural parameters that fit your needs. You can also use your own materials, the Building Engine ensures to correctly display them. Add your own prefabs to decorate your building, or use the supplied props.

It comes with a range of options concerning depth meshes to create specific renders of your building (doll house style, rpg, top-down, FPS...).

As buildings are created at runtime, Building Engine can be use as a level editor inside your creations, but can also be used to create 3D models (prefabs) that you can integrate in your games or applications.

Use the load/save system to generate your buildings at runtime, or share your creations with your team.


Easy to use in-editor creator

Use custom inpectors to easily describe your building. Change architecture values, add Materials and prefabs.

Save/load system

Building data can be saved in XML format to save, load and share yours creations.

Depth meshes builders

A list of optionnal depth mesh builders, to cover all type of render of buildings, for all type of game and applications.


You can also create your building with code, and extends the possibility of the Building Engine asset.

Full C# sources

You can extend or modify the Building Engine, to make it yours.

No 3D knowledges required

The Building Engine automaticcaly create the meshes of your building.

Future features



More roof builders


Collider system


Building Engine props

Props that use Building Engine data to parameter themselves.

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