Building Engine for Unity3D - Remove a wall between rooms

Design conditions

To remove a wall between two rooms, there are some conditions :

- the two rooms need to be adjacent to each other. The two rooms can be contained in the same story, or each room can be contained in a different story (in this case, the two stories need to be adjacent to each other.

- the wall need to be shared between the two room. The wall have to be of the same dimensions in each room. And the wall must begin and end at the same positions.

Wall removing conditions

Remove a wall between rooms

To remove a wall in a room, and in the adjacent room, uncheck the corresponding checkbox in the room inspector. Room are identified by their position in the room. Wall NORTH is the northest wall in the room, wall EAST the eastest, wall SOUTH the southest and wall west the Westest.

For example, we remove the wall at east for the left room (the "red" one). We simply uncheck the wall EAST checkbox :

Room without wall at EAST

When inspecting the other room (the "blue" one), we see that the wall WEST checkbox was unchecked :

Room without wall at WEST

When trying to uncheck a wall checkbox, if this checkbox is automatically checked again, then you cannot remove thaht wall (ie the design conditions are not validated).

Design tips

If you want to create a actual L-shaped room, you need to create three Building Engine room : one for the "vertical" section, another for the "horizontal" section, and a third that serves as a cross-section. Then remove the two corresponding wall in the cross-section room :

L-shaped room

Note as the Building Engine "close" the corner in the cross-section room.

For a T-shaped space, you need 4 rooms :

T-shaped room

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