Building Engine for Unity3D - Tiny house prefab

4a. Get a prefab of your building

Select the BuildingEngine gameObject in the Hierarchy, expand it and select the builder gameObject. In the Map Builder component, check the "draw facade" and the "draw roofs" checkboxes. Then reselect the BuildingEngine gameObject, hit the "SHOW MAP" button, et hit the "REBUILD" button.

Tiny house with facade

Select the "map" gameObject in the Hierarchy. It's the container of your building.

Map gameObject selected

Go to the GameObject Menu -> BuildingEngine submenu and select the "Crete Prefab From GameObject" command. A window appears. Type "tinyHouse" in the textField, and hit the "TURN TO PREFAB" button.

Turn to prefab window

After computation, a folder named "MapPrefabs" appears (if it didn't exist already. Inside, a prefab named tinyHouse was created.

Tiny house prefab

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